Borewell Services

Kaveri Borewells provide the best borewell services in Hyderabad. We have an expert team of ground water surveyors in Hyderabad. We have a great client base among the borewell drillers in Hyderabad. As an expert team, we can handle services like borewell drilling, ground water surveying, pump installation, and earthing.


We provide earthing systems that are electrically conductive. This is done to avoid dangers associated with fault currents in the city. Good earthing saves our lives as well as land.

Pump installation

Pump installation should be done with care and we deal with all types of water pumps such as Monoblock, Submersible, Openwell submersible monoblock and many more.

Ground water survey

We have our own ways of ground water surveying and our professionals give their best in the area to locate the ground water using copper rods, pendulums and other apparatus.

Borewells drilling

We have got a great client base and from that one can understand our process of work in the industry. We assure to provide highly efficient services to our clients.